Welcome to Ice Age Mechanical Ltd

We have been operating very successfully for five years now. Our customer base is strong and continues to grow. We currently have eight apprentices on staff – learning the trade from our top Journeymen mechanics. We have a total of 11 Journeymen, all with many years of experience working on all types of refrigerated and HVAC equipment – totaling over 300 years combined - guaranteeing you the utmost experience and knowledge of the industry.

We believe that with our vast experience in all aspects of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, combined with our Team’s immeasurable experience, that we are best suited to meet your service and/or installation needs. We believe that we have the best installation teams in the province. Leave it to us to handle your installation – no job is too large or impossible to achieve!

We further commit to you that you will never receive an inexperienced apprentice on a service call without a supervising Journeyman - at no charge. This is our commitment to you, and our apprentices, to achieve the strongest Team of qualified personnel in the industry.

We are willing to service /install anywhere in Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Western Canada. As mentioned we are all extremely experienced, having worked on some of the biggest refrigeration plants and HVAC systems in the city. We have three (3) A-fitters and six (6) B-fitters on staff.

We hope this answers any questions you may have had about Ice Age Mechanical. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.